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Statement of general policy

This is the statement of general policy and arrangements for Boilers2Ac LTD

The company is committed to:

  • Provide a safe place of work

  • Provide safe systems of work

  • Provide training, instruction and supervision

  • Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment

  • Assess the risks to anyone who might be affected by carrying out work activities

  • Ensure materials and substances are safely stored, handled and transported

  • Work to prevent accidents


Boilers2Ac LTD
The servicing, maintenance, commissioning and installation of plumbing, gas fitting, HVAC and
refrigeration equipment.


Overall and final responsibility for health and safety is by:
Darren Marsh / Claire Marsh
The company will provide adequate supervision to ensure the safe systems of work are being
All employees have a responsibility to take care of the health and safety of themselves and
those around them and to follow safe systems of work.


  • Training All employees will be given a health and safety induction and provided with appropriate training relevant for job role, such as manual handling, asbestos awareness and working at height. Claire Marsh is responsible for identifying training needs and keeping a record of all training.

  • Carrying out risk assessments A risk assessment will be carried out for all work activity, prior to it starting. Hazards will beidentified, and control measures implemented to eliminate risk, or reduce to an acceptable level and the risk assessments will be provided to operatives. Generic risk assessments are provided where appropriate and are reviewed periodically.

  • First aid Adequate first aid provisions will be available at all sites and in any provided company vehicle. All first aid incidents will be recorded.

  • Welfare facilities Management will ensure there are adequate welfare facilities on all sites. An agreement will be made with clients to allow use of their facilities if this is required. 

  • Accident reporting All employees will report accidents to 01252 904025(office) where the incident will be recorded. 

  • Management are responsible for investigating accidents to prevent recurrence and ensure safe work practices are being carried out. 


All accidents will be recorded in the accident book which is kept by Claire Marsh.


  • Emergency procedures Responsible person for carrying out fire risk assessments: Darren Marsh Escape routes will always be well signed and kept clear. Evacuation plans will be tested periodically and updated as necessary. Fire extinguishers and fire detection systems are serviced and maintained.

  • Electrical safety

Work on electrical equipment and installations will only be carried out by competent persons. The company’s policy is live working is prohibited, although competent staff with appropriate training, controls and equipment may carry out voltage detection tests where essential. Risk assessments are in place to ensure a safe system of work is carried out.

  • Co-operation

All employees are required to adhere to client procedures. When employees are attending site all client procedures are to be familiarised. Site inductions are to be attended and in particular site access, permit to work systems, emergency procedures
and high-risk policies are conformed to.


  • Manual Handling

Relevant training will be provided to employees and equipment issued to reduce the risks or eliminate manual handling. All manual handling tasks will be assessed for the risks posed and control measures applied. Risks from activities requiring manual handling will be reduced and controlled by; employing additional manpower, reducing the weight where possible, selecting the appropriate person for task based on their skillset, physique, age etc


  • Hazardous substances

All employees using hazardous substances will have access to the relevant coshh
documentation where appropriate. Risk assessments are undertaken to prevent, reduce and
control exposure of these substances.

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